About Me

If I were to describe who I am in one word, it would be an engineer. I graduated from the electrical engineering department in 2018 (field of study: control engineering & robotics - BSc, information and communications technology - MSc) . During my studies, I developed an interest in computer vision, which resulted in writing my thesis papers:

  • Engineering thesis: Application of two-dimensional Gabor filters for vision based pattern recognition and classification
  • Master's thesis: Vision system to identify fuel prices*
*thesis was awarded in yearly dean's competiton, you can find abstract & overview here

During my fifth year of studies, I started my first job in IT. I chose to work for Avid Technology, a company that was expanding its office in Szczecin at that time. My time at this company is a mixed experience for me. On one hand, I encountered a lot of old and poorly written code. On the other hand, it was there that I learned React and Node, my favorites technologies that I still use today. Suffering from legacy code and desire to know web from inside was the reason why I decided to change job. As a reason I landed in Teonite, small, local software house. I learned quite a lot there, and the greatest value was the direct interaction with clients and understanding the end-to-end software development process. Our paths diverged after ~1.5 years, when company run into stability problems. I temporarily ended up at Apptimia, another local software house. But during my time there, there was no project for me, so I decided to move on. Next choice was Meelogic, later acquired by Globallogic (which was later acquired by Hitachi - pandemic combo 🤣🤣🤣). I worked for a German client for almost 2 years. Despite the pandemic, it was a great time for me because I got to know many wonderful people and I learned a lot as well. From this place I want to thank You John 🙏🙏🙏 for those long and insightful conversations during code reviews that helped me become a better developer. Since the beginning of 2022, I have been working for MobilePhysics - Israel based climate-tech startup with a subsidiary in Poland. I work here as Frontend lead & Fullstack Developer.

You can find my resume here.