Congress Next.js A.D. 2024

Hi there! How you are doing ? I’ve just returned from first Next.js conference in Poland and it was sooooooo good! There are rumors that the event will permanently become a part of the Polish IT scene. And for sure I want to be a part of it next years!

The event took place in the majestic Luna cinema, localized in central Warsaw (‘Luna’ means ‘moon’ in old Polish). It’s difficult to assess the exact number of people, but my initial estimates based on occupied seats inside put that number around 250. By the way, you could feel the retro atmosphere of the cinema even before entering. Just take a look below.

Luna cinema

The agenda was strictly defined and is still available on the official conference website. Additionally on the entrance each participant received a badge with blank page on the front (space for handwritten name), and agenda on the back. Considering name of the conference you might have expected talks about Next.js, but in reality, the scope of topics was much broader, covering Angular, Astro, and several other technologies. Below back of my badge:

original agenda

From my perspective, I was most interested in topics related to Next.js and Astro. For those reasons I was waiting for talks at 10:00, 11:00 and 15:15. I was positively suprised after second talk (recent changes in Angular). I has also occassion to talk with Tomasz Ducin, speaker who gave this talk. He wanted to break the mythical concrete barrier (as many people think about Angular). The latest changes in this framework (signals, deferrable views) allow us to look to the future on Angular with hope. Another interesting talk was given by Theodore, who talked about scaling Next.js based applications (it’s important for me cause at some point I expect it might happen in my current company). I was pleased to see that they are using Clickhouse DB in some parts of their system.

When it comes to talks I expected:

  • Michał was testing Next.js performance with AutoCannon and showed us a result. It turned out that Fastify might be a better choice when buliding pure API,
  • Ruby talked about Astro basics. She mentioned about no-JS by default apporach and other major Astro foundations,
  • Elian (Astro core member) talked about more sophisticated Astro features. At the end he showed us interesting teaser about new Astro feature (teaser itself did not reveal what the feature is 😅).

After the conference organizers invited us to after-party at Warmut, a cocktail bar located just a 5-minute walk from Luna. During the party, I had the opportunity to talk with the organizers, Ola and Michał. We exchanged a few words about event organization, and I also learned that they would like the conference to be organized annually. Also later, after a few beers 🍻🍻🍻, I had a face-to-face conversation with Elian. I showed him this blog 🚀🚀🚀 (written in Astro), and he said it looks good, but suggested to use Astro Images, which comes with optimization by default. I promise I’ll do it soon ⚒️.

To sum up: congratulations to Ola, Michał & Jakub on this wonderful event! ! I hope we will meet at the same time next year with an even broader audience and even better content!!!