Hello World!

This is my very first post on this blog. Typically, when strangers meet, the first thing they do is greet each other. So let me do the formalities and introduce myself. Hi there 👋 , I’m Jędrzej 😊.

I know, I know, I know. You are not sure if I put some random characters together, or just making jokes of You. But I wasn’t the one who gave me this name 😅. If you’re still wondering how to pronounce my name, I’ll give you a hint. Think about these two characters:

  1. Yennefer of Vengerberg
  2. Jay-Z

Now cut first 3 letters from both names and join them togther (order is important!). Read aloud the newly created word. Voilà ! Yenjay is phantom word which simplifies my name in English. Btw. in Poland name Jędrzej is incorrectly used as a substitute for the name Andrzej (american Andrew). This name can tell you a bit more, as it is carried by several famous individuals, and has equivalents in different languages. One of those is legendary heavyweight polish boxer, Andrzej Gołota. If you don’t know who is he just watch videos below (lovely 90’s)!

  1. Golota vs Bowe, fight 1
  2. Golota vs Bowe, fight 2

After the formalities let me tell You a bit more who am I and what I’m planning to do here. If you’ve already read About section, you should know that I’m software engineer. Also I live in Szczecin, medium-sized city, located in northwest part of Poland. I graduated from Electrical Department, on the fields of study: control engineering & robotics - engineer, and information and communications technologies - master engineer.

First of all I want to share with You some knowledge I’ve gained during 7 years of my proffessional career. Some posts might be realted to every-day life, like equipment I use for my bike, memories from my trips, struggling with dog upbringing (I’m happy owner of 2.5 years old pug), or interesting books I’ve read recently. But the main theme will be software engineering. Some topics I have in mind already are:

  • basics of image processing (with concepts from my theses as well, like morphological operations, Gabor filters)
  • working with vector tiles (osmium, tippecanoe, mbtilserver, maplibre, deckGL and more)
  • working in SCRUM methodology - how it looks from inside
  • working with geographical data in Clickhouse (with H3 - hierarchical geospatial indexing system)
  • state of web in 2023

I hope that you’ll like my content, guests. I’ll try to release at least one material each week, especially on the beggining. Sounds interesting to You ? Visit this blog in next week then. See you in the next post!